La Villa

Begin your adventure à la Villa.

Villa Nagtabon is originally a family guest house founded in 2016.

Then we noticed a lack of guesthouses and hotels in Nagtabon. Indeed since the gravel road was cemented mid 2016.

As our family has 25 years of experience in hospitality management. We naturally thought to open our house to travelers,  with a friendly and warm sense of service.

We love to travel too and we know what are our guest's needs.  An affordable, clean, and well located. guesthouse. Spaces to chill out for hours with just a book. And even a spring natural waterhole to relax before or after your day at the beach.

Villa Nagtabon can host 9 guests in one indépendant bungalow and in two rooms in the house.

At Villa Nagtabon, we mean good food with a french-filipino taste. We serve breakfast and also lunch, dinner if ours guests ask for it. Villa Nagtabon picks its vegetables freshly from its own garden. One may also taste eggs from our poultry.

Welcome to our house, slow down your pace, and start relaxing...


Nagtabon resort

View on the sunrise from the villa

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Woodeck villa nagtabon
Nagtabon Puerto Princesa
villa nagtabon beach resort

Forget the heat with the spring pool...

Nagtabon beach

Local or western, always fresh and tasty food.

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Nagtabon beach
Nagtabon resort
Nagtabon beach