Nagtabon Beach

Wild and pristine

Escape from the heat of the city and ride a motor bike !

Nagtabon beach has been as a secret spot for years. The new road has fortunately made it easier to get there.

However Nagtabon has kept  all its features of a peaceful paradise. Where visitors can enjoy a long stretch of sand beach, clear water and an unforgettable sunset.

Surf addicts should know the waves are there, unspoiled and with no one on the peak. The waves are stronger during "winter" october-january.

While walking, please watch out ! You may see baby turtles hatch. Nagtabon has been declared as a natural sanctuary. Please protect our nature.

After hours of sun, sand and fun. Back to the Villa, dont forget to refresh yourself in our natural spring pool.



Nagtabon beach
Nagtabon beach
puerto princesa nagtabon
surf nagtabon palawan
Sunset nagtabon
Nagtabon turtle hatch
Nagtabon beach
Nagtabon beach